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Snow Remover & De-Icer

• Preventive and curative

• Safe for treated surfaces

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LACO Snow Remover has the advantage of being both preventive and curative, without danger to the floors and treated surfaces. It is ideal for clearing driveways, yards, snowy or icy roads.

Fast action: in the presence of humidity, it creates an exothermic reaction and melts ice, snow, black ice, etc.

LACO Snow Remover is safe for all types of floors and surfaces: cement, slabs, cobblestones, bitumen, asphalt... It is risk-free, and allows less dirt to be transported inside under the soles of shoes.

Effect that lasts over time: the product works several hours after its application and prevents ice from forming and snow from holding.

LACO Snow Remover is effective in temperatures down to -20°C and +.

Easy to apply, it comes in the form of white flakes, which are spread evenly directly on the floor to be treated.

4kg bucket