Frequently asked questions

Questions about an order

I can't choose my shipping method...

You choose your shipping method in step "3. Shipping method", after you enter your billing address.

I've changed my mind – how can I cancel my order?

It is not possible to cancel your order on our website. If you made your order more than one working day ago, it may have been shipped already. If it has not yet shipped, it may still be possible to cancel it.

In any case, please contact us at once, preferably by phone on 03 88 513 000, so that we find a solution quickly.

How long will it be before my order is shipped?

After your order is confirmed, it takes 48 hours at the most to ship the order.

Can I pay in several instalments?

No, it is not possible to pay in several instalments.

Where is my invoice?

The invoice corresponding to your order is always included in your parcel. So you will always receive it at the same time as your order.

How much is shipping?

Our shipping costs are €5.50 for delivery to your home using Colissimo Suivi. If you opt for Mondial Relay, shipping costs are €3.50 and your order will be delivered to the pick-up point of your choice.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Your order will be delivered by the Post Office or to the pick-up point of your choice. It will be delivered within 48 hours. Don't forget to add your mobile phone number to receive text messages to keep track of your delivery! All the information about the delivery can be found on our Shipment page..

Which countries do you ship to?

Please go to our Shipment page for a list of countries we ship to.

Questions about the after-sales service

I don't like a product – can I exchange it or send it back?

You have a legal right to change your mind within 14 working days. If you wish to return or exchange an article within 14 days of your order, please contact us on 03 88 513 000 or use our cancellation form.

I have not received the right product.

We are sorry that a mistake was made. Please make sure that you there is no error in your order by checking the invoice sent with your parcel.

In any case, please call 03 88 513 000 and a member of our customer service team will help you find a solution.

I have not received my gift.

Please check your invoice in this case, too. If the gift is listed in the order summary, then we have made a mistake and we apologise. Please contact us and we will send you your gift as soon as possible!

If the gift is not listed in the invoice, it means you forgot to enter it or it was not registered. Be careful next time and get in touch with us because there might still be a few gifts to give away ;-)

Questions about my account

How do I set up an account?

To set up an account at our online shop, please visit the new account page..

How can I change my contact details?

You can change your contact details at any time in the "My account" section, then "Addresses".

What do you do with my contact details?

Your contact details are only used by Laco. We use your postal address to ship your order and to send our new catalogues, including our new products, special offers and a promo code giving access to a free gift. If you do not wish to receive our catalogues, we will remove you from our mailing list on request by e-mail or telephone on 03 88 513 000.

Your e-mail address and your mobile phone number are used to keep track of your order and to send out newsletters featuring our new products, special offers and promotional campaigns. You can simply unsubscribe from our newsletter via your account or contact us with your request if you no longer wish to receive it. Your contact details will never be sold or used by other people, companies or future partners of Laco.

How can I delete my account from your website?

This option is not available on our website. Please contact us if you would like your account to be deleted.

Questions about the products

I can't find a product I bought from Laco...

If you ordered a product several months or years ago, we may no longer sell it. Some products might also have a different name. Please contact us for any questions about a specific product. If you are looking for our great plant balm, it just has a new name and can be found on our website under the name Baume Kiapèze.

Can I buy Laco products in the shops?

Laco products are mainly available by mail order only. You can find some of our most popular products (such as our Wood Restorer and Pierre d’Argent) in markets or trade fairs all over France. But these products are sold by independent distributors, and unfortunately there is no way for us to know if they will be on sale at a particular place near your home. So we recommend ordering online – it's fast and practical, and the products are at the best price, since they are sold directly by the manufacturer.

We also have a shop near Strasbourg in Alsace. You will find all the details about our shop on the following page: Factory outlet..

Can the Wood Restorer be used on all types of wood?

The Rénovateur Spécial Bois is effective on all kinds of wood, but we do not recommend using it on cherry wood. The results may be poor on this kind of wood.

In any case, before using the product, we recommend testing it out on a non-visible part of the furniture. The product can also be used on wood floors.

Questions about the statutory compliance guarantee

What are my rights regarding the statutory guarantee?

According to the terms of the statutory guarantee in article 3 of the law of 18 December 2014, you can:

  • Inform us about a problem with a product for a period of two years from the time of delivery
  • Choose between a repair or replacement of the product, subject to the price conditions given in article L. 217-9 of the consumers' code
  • Be exempted from providing proof of the existence of a defect in the case of a new product and for 24 months after you receive the product. This time period is limited to 6 months after the date of delivery for second-hand goods (Clearance Sales, for example).

You have the right to a statutory compliance guarantee irrespective of any additional sales guarantees.

How can I apply the guarantee against hidden defects?

Have you found a hidden defect, that is, a defect that was not apparent when you bought the item and which makes the product unfit for use or makes it so ineffective that you would not have bought it? You can contact us on 03 88 513 000 or use our contact form to apply the guarantee stated in articles 1641 and following of the French Civil Code.

In line with article 1644 of the Civil Code, you can choose between cancelling the order or receiving a reduction on the sales price.

Haven't found an answer to your question?

Don't hesitate to contact us by phone on 03 88 513 000 or via our contact form.