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  • Anti Wasps and Hornets Shock Action
  • Anti Wasps and Hornets Shock Action
Anti Wasps and Hornets Shock Action
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Anti Wasps and Hornets Shock Action

- Effective on wasps, European and Asian hornets

- Powerful flow

- Long range: 4 to 6 meters

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This insecticide specially designed to destroy the nests of wasps, European and Asian hornets has a shock and residual effect. Fitted with a special extinguisher-type valve and diffuser, this aerosol projects the active product more than 4 meters away. It thus avoids approaching the danger zone. Concentration of active ingredients: ✓ D-trans tetramethrin (case n°1166-46-7): 0.24% m/m (shock effect (KD)). This molecule gives the product an extremely rapid killing power on all insects. It has low toxicity. ✓ Permethrin 25/75 (case no. 52645-53-1): 0.12% m/m (lethal effect (Kill)). Permethrin is the most effective active substance combining the properties of lethal agent and light stability. ✓ Piperonyl Butoxide (case no. 51-03-6): 0.72% m/m (synergizer). It increases the performance of a formulation by reducing the quantities of active substances required. Active substances notified under Directive 98/8/EC concerning biocidal products.

750ml aerosol

Manual :

Wear personal protective equipment (mask, gloves, etc.). Shake the aerosol vigorously before use. Place yourself at a distance from the objective to be reached (4 to 6 meters). Spray directly on the wasp or hornet nest, coating the entire surface of the nest. Ventilate well after use. Do not spray in living rooms, bedrooms, offices and all other living quarters as well as near cold-blooded living organisms (fish, reptiles, etc.). Do not spray near live electrical appliances. Usable only when the equipment is not energized. Wait 5 minutes before turning the equipment back on.

This aerosol is reserved for the use of professionals.