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Biological Drain Cleaner

Ultra-concentrated bio-enzymatic drain cleaner.

• Eco-friendly

• Eliminates bad odors

• Does not release any toxic fumes

• Sanitizes and restores pipes to their initial flow diameter

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LACO Biological Drain Cleaner acts by enzymatic and microbiological digestion of substances that clog drains. Formulated with a combination of carefully selected enzymes, it actively breaks down soap, grease, toilet paper, and all organic waste likely to cause blockages in the pipes. The LACO Biological Drain Unblocker is used in the kitchen, the bathroom and the toilets (including grinders). It will also eliminate bad odors. Promotes the functioning of biological purification systems.

*The product or its components are not from organic farming. The term “organic” refers to enzymes derived from microbiological organisms.

1L container