Recommend Laco to your friends and family

Introduce Laco to your friends, family and loved ones... Give yourself a treat and make them happy with discounts and gifts for you and your friends! With Laco referrals, everyone's a winner.

How does it work?


  • You already have an account, visit the Referrals section on our website. Referrals section on our website.
  • Click on "Refer a friend" and complete the contact details of the people you want to join up.
  • Confirm by clicking on the "Send" button.
  • Your friends will receive an e-mail explaining what they should do to enjoy the benefits of a Laco referral.

Your friends

  • They need to set up a customer account on our website by clicking on the link in the e-mail.
  • Once the account has been set up, your friend can make their first order with a minimum of €35 excluding shipping costs.
  • They mustn't forget to enter the referral code received in the invitation e-mail. Without the code, they cannot benefit from the advantages of a Laco referral.

What will you get?

Once the friend has made his or her order, the person making the referral will receive an advantage code by e-mail with a reduction of 10% on their next order. This is a unique code, with no limit in time and no minimum purchase required.

When the friend makes his or her first order, they will receive a gift of a Pierre d'Argent 300g (worth €6.90) and enjoy free shipping with Mondial Relay.