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Ecological Floor Cleaner

- Island fragrance

- For all surfaces: tiled floors, linoleum, flooring, parquet

- Ecolabel-certified

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THE LACO Multi-surface Ecological Floor Cleaner enables you to maintain and clean all washable surfaces in the home: tiled floors, linoleum, coatings, walls (washable paints), parquet. Ecolabel-certified, compliant for contact with food*.

Ecological formula.

Island fragrance with fresh, fruity notes.

*Rinse well with drinking water.


Pour the cleaner in a bucket of water.

Suitable for manual use, in a scrubber-drier or central hygiene unit.


- Dirty floors: Use 0.25% i.e. 1 cap full to the notch (15 ml) for 6 liters of water

- Very dirty floors: Pour 0.5%, i.e. 1 cap full to the brim (30 ml) into 6 liters of water.

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